A Journey in the Past of the Golf Course

A Journey in the Past of the Golf CourseThe golf club’s history goes back before the First World War, when the families that founded it were only beginning to take contact with this sport. Spanning over 100 years in the past, the golf club’s history is filled with emotion and numerous events that helped shape what current members and customers are experiencing each time they arrive on the grounds. However, one must note from the beginning that the idea of also offering golf training and courses didn’t initially started back in the early days, but it was more of a gradual decision, which was later on supported by the current owners of the golf club.

The passion for golf in the golf club owners family originates back when golf wasn’t widespread on such a great scale. The initial founders of the club were taught by their father everything there was to know about golf back then and this lead to their ever-growing passion for this sport. Furthermore, to add to this fact, the school at which they went also had a mini-golf course which served as a kind of “training” grounds for them, as in every recess they would run there and play for as long as they could.

Time passed and as they grew, their passion also escalated, leading them to create an ideal, which was to design and construct their own golf club, where they could gather large number of golf practitioners, offer them services and share the passion for the sport together. Returning back into the period after the Second World War, the current golf club owners came up with the great idea of building a dedicated training facility, (which later on became a full-time academy) wherein people could also learn the sport in a specialised manner by getting the necessary training by advanced professionals.