Become Part of Our Golf Training Team

Become Part of Our Golf Training TeamThose who are very passionate about golf and wish to help us continue our long tradition for training and offering golf lessons, can join us and share the journey together. There aren’t any special requirements for those who wish to join the golf training team and we encourage everyone to contact us in order to set up the details. Almost the entire team at the golf club is made out of members that joined the club initially as passionate practitioners and eventually ended up teaching the sport contributing to the club’s tradition.

The same as with the membership or customer registration, those who wish to register for becoming part of the training team must either use the provided form or call the golf club and they will be redirected to a special line only for such registrations. The registration is the easy part of the process, but those who enter our golf training team have a long journey ahead of them, into which they will also be trained, schooled and taught the secrets of golf.

A special training program for our staff will ensure that all of those who register for such undertakings will benefit from a solid preparation. Our facilities offer multiple classrooms, closed training areas and the specialized staff will provide a step-by-step learning process that is meant at consolidating the knowledge and skills of the future trainers. Upon completion of the six-month training session, the future trainers will face both a theoretical and practical exam, which if passed, officially makes them part of the golf training team.

From there onward, the journey continues and we at the golf club pride ourselves with having only the best trainers in the business, which will ensure a high-quality learning experience for all of our customers and members. It is clearly an experience worth having!