Enroll in the Golf Club as a Member or Trainee

Enroll in the Golf Club as a Member or TraineeRegistering for the golf club hasn’t ever been easier and thanks to our high-tech communication systems and infrastructure, we ensure that this procedure is swift and trouble-free. Users have the option to use the provided registration form and fill all the required data or contact our operators for a telephone registration, which might often times take more time than the standard registration, due to the fact that our lines are very busy. There are two main options for registering, allowing one to either become a full member of the club or simply frequent the establishments as a regular customer. In the following, we shall detail each.

Those who wish to become full members of the club must only use the standard registration process, which is done using the form on the website. By becoming full members of the club, people adhere to a strict internal policy that dictates several aspects that need to be respected in order to maintain a reliable membership. By adhering to this policy, club members will also be subjected to a non-disclosure agreement, which will ensure that no information concerning the golf practices and training provide in the golf academy will be disclosed.

On the other hand, regular customers who wish to enroll in order to receive the services of the golf club do not need to apply to such strict regulations, since their interaction with the club services will be less pronounced, especially when it comes to the actual training. They will be able to frequent the golf club on either predefined weekly intervals, which will have certain benefits or on their own schedule, whenever they feel like playing some golf.

By choosing either of the two methods, people mustn’t be concerned with paper work and all the other legislative aspects, as the golf club’s trained staff will offer a smooth and efficient document processing and registration.