Golf Facilities in Offering

Golf Facilities in OfferingThose who come to the golf course grounds will be taken through a real journey, right from the time they leave their cars in the parking lot and all the way until they leave. All the customers and club members will be enjoying a high quality experience that was made to ensure that only the best services and products are offered. The aforementioned parking lot allows customers to leave their cars under close CCTV supervision and several valets can ensure that the cars will be parked without any worries.

After leaving the car, customers will be taken by our specialised staff which will either take them to the accommodation or directly to the golf course, depending on the chosen packages. Needless to say that reservations are possible and customers can book suites and rooms in our accommodation facilities or golf sessions on the specially designed courses. Those who wish to enroll into the academy training, must use the provided registration form, which is readily available down below in the following pages. Registering by phone is also possible, but due to the large number of customers and members who are requiring assistance, our operators cannot guarantee that the lines will be available at all times.

Concerning the golf course itself, its architecture and general landscape hasn’t changed much since the 1950s’, when the last major renovation took place. The owners always wanted to maintain a close connection with nature and the great outdoors and this can be easily noticed when one steps on the golf course. Of course, golf carts can be easily rented and caddies are always ready to lend a helping hand in case circumstances require.

The main theme of the golf course maintains a strong dependence to the scenery, offering multiple landscapes, hole types and adjacent elements such as lakes, streams or even sand dunes artificially created specifically for ensuring an exquisite experience.