Special Offers for our Exquisite Member Status

golfGolf aficionados and those who are deeply involved into this sport could contact us for establishing special packages that can bring numerous benefits, especially if they choose to frequent the club ever so often. Be it beginners or just passionate golf players, our packages can be adjusted to fit the requirements of every person, thanks to the increased customization offered. One will be able to speak with our dedicated staff and achieve the preferred results. The aim is to offer our services to as many as possible and the Exquisite Member Status will provide one with the means to experience a completely customized golfing session.

Golfers can choose from an extensive range of golf services and products that are meant at providing the ideal conditions for matching the requirements of any particular individual. Several packages with predefined number of sessions, on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis represent the core concept of the Exquisite Member Status and it is precisely these packages that will help people achieve the preferred results in no time. The same applies for the members who wish preferential treatment for the academy golf training.

The training course and corresponding practice sessions can be tailored in order to meet the preferences of the members and no requirements are too small or too big to be accounted for by our staff. A dedicated counseling service is provided by the golf club, which helps people discuss all their particular demands and issues with a team composed of several mentors.

They will make sure that customers and members always get the services and products that they need. Differential discount rates, custom packages and even special student and retirement discounts are also offered, since the owners of the golf club believe in offering a chance to every person who is passionate about the sport. This way, even students or retired persons can enter the Exquisite Member Status and establish a price plan that fits into their economic status.