In the following sections, detailed information about the location of the golf club, adjacent grounds and facilities will be presented.

Providing people golfing services for a long time, the golf club has a longstanding tradition for such activities. The golf club spans way back to the First World War. Being family-owned, the club was founded based on the family members’ passion for the sport itself and the great outdoors. Together with their growing passion for playing golf, also came an initiative to teach this marvelous sport to other people as well. If one wishes to find out the early beginnings of the golf club, we must dwell deep into the past, going back to the elder members of the family.

Although, having inherited most of the grounds onto which the club rests on these days, they had an initial good start that allowed them to easily construct all the initial buildings and necessary establishments. Slowly, but steadily, the passion for the sport grew and it was passed on from generation to generation and this way they have ensured that their children, which are the current owners would also hold the passion for golf alive.

Today’s customers and longstanding members are a testimonial for the great service and dedication that one can expect to find if he or she enrolls in the golf club. This, combined with the hundreds of appreciation letters sent out every month by the avid golfers and club members, is let alone enough to drive people here every year, in greater numbers every time.

For those who wish to find out even more, we urge them to browse the following pages, contact the members of the club, chat with the owners or leave their impressions in the testimonials section.